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“The only thing influenza may be capable of killing is germ theory itself.”

With all the fervor and excitement of COVID-19 in the air (and the almost constant barrage of information about it anytime we look at a screen) it’s no wonder that most of us are reaching deep into our herbal tool-bags to find the right solutions.

We are, after all, in the midst of a historic (and almost impossible to ignore) situation. 

Chances are… a few extra-nervous patients are already knocking on your door or calling you day and night. Your kids are likely at home from school on leave. Your games, events, and meetings have been cancelled, etc… 

People are on lock-down, and even if we trust our own immunity to get us through… it’s just as easy to fall into “fight or flight mode” about the far-reaching side-effects this event could have on our culture, mentality, and businesses.  

Yep. This is our day and age right now. 

The media hype is so thick you can cut it with a knife. The fear in the eyes of passers-by can feel down-right (and sadly) disturbing… and worst of all, in some places, it’s almost impossible to buy toilet paper.

Following the advice of caring (though perhaps misguided) medical professionals… We’ve literally chosen to isolate ourselves, cancel our cultural events and social lives, and bring our society to stand-still.  

It’s a time like no other, at least that anyone can remember.

All this is done in the fear (and caution) of a widespread viral outbreak that could theoretically be too-severe for our hospitals to cope with.  

And in the midst of all that (being the good practitioner you are), you’ve probably already spent HOURS online and in your books, searching for the best protocols to help your patients through this particularly-trying and emotional time.

Good for you! There’s gold in them bottles, as you well know. 😊

But what if everything we think we know about viral transmission is wrong?

After all, before we knew about the microbiome, all bacteria was treated like it had the potential to cause harm. That was just a few short years ago. 

Now, we know that most of our body’s bacteria is actually ESSENTIAL to good health. 

Obviously, we now know the ‘errors of our ways’ when it comes to bacteria – and rightfully so. Even the allopathic medical establishment has humbly and quietly started correcting the error of their former ways – usually recommending microbiome treatment in the form of pre/probiotics after harsh rounds of antibiotics – a welcome change, well-supported by clinical, historic, and experiential data. 

So what if our commonly-held view of viral biome is/was wrong too?

Is that so hard to believe? 

That’s the exact question I sought to answer when I stumbled on the article “Why Everything You Learned About Viruses is WRONG” by Sayer Ji. 

It’s a telling title, because it may very well be true.

Especially in light of radical new discoveries in microbiology.

I’ve included a host of resources for you to dive into in this blog, so you can get truly acquainted with the subject matter yourself. 

But essentially, it may now be known that viruses themselves cause little to no harm in the body, but instead act only as dead information for our cells to transmit… 

…often by processes that eerily resemble healthy intercellular communication.

(and maybe even cause a greater overall immunity to disease!!!) 

The Virion and Exosome – and why they matter oh-so much…

According to these findings, the virus’s ability to infect doesn’t come from the virus itself. It’s only a carrier of information. The ability of the virus to move around the body (and infect a cell) actually comes from our own proteins, in the form of virions. 

These virions are nothing more than messengers, tasked with communicating important information from cell to cell. The virus is just along for the ride. 

Why does it matter?

Well… because while outdated models of “germ-theory” still populate our medical profession (and the rule over the mentalities of billions), little attention is being paid to building actual immunity, via intercellular communication!

Not to mention that we’ve been stirred into action against a supposed external force (a virus) when the transmission of that virus from cell to cell is dependent not on the virus itself, but on our own body’s workings.

Intriguing, eh?

Of course! Radical even! Just as radical as the idea that some bacteria actually help us thrive! 

(I know, I know… I’ve got that “preaching to the choir” feeling right about now 😄)

The Good Stuff… 

In the material I’m about to link you to, you’ll learn even more about the critical role viruses may play in our health! 

As it turns out, viruses that were once fought off like a literal plague may be the key to understanding how our bodies gain immunity to a host of other even-more-harmful diseases. 

Essentially, we may actually NEED viruses to survive, just like we need bacteria. 

Here are the links – read up! (these are gold) 

Sayer Ji’s article about Virions, Exosomes, and Immunity

The Unreported Health Benefits of Measles 

Germs May Confer Significant Health Benefits, Research Suggests

And when you’ve really got the time… check this out! 

So… in conclusion for this blog:

Despite the often well-founded fear for our health, concern about infection, and need to self-quarantine… 

This crisis may be a good time for us to reflect on the advances that science continues to make in the search for holistic (and realistic) solutions. 

And while I can’t recommend going against the recommendations made by our authorities in a time like this (and urge you to do what you need to do to feel safe), I think this is an important opportunity to evaluate some of the most up-to-date SCIENCE on the issue of virology. 

I’ve found it a sincere help, in the midst of all this wild and crazy stuff. 

Be well, stay informed, and remember that there’s always a deeper understanding to be gained.  

I’m just glad to have encountered this at EXACTLY the right time!

Until next time,

Dr. Ronda

Ronda Nelson

Ronda L. Nelson, PhD, MH is a holistic nutritionist and master herbalist who helps support and restore optimal health for those who are looking for alternative options with regard to their overall health and well-being.

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