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The Herb That Promotes Weight Loss and Busts Sugar-Cravings!

Sugar cravings got your tongue? If so, you’re not alone. The lure of Christmas cookies, holiday fudge loaded with squishy marshmallows, and other delectable desserts can be challenging to resist. Our ability to stay the course and say NO requires an unbelievable amount of willpower. But it doesn’t take very long before our vow of sweet celibacy becomes taxed and after just a few short days, we find ourselves beginning to slide down the slippery slope of compromise. Soon, the ability to resist is a thing of the past.

But fortunately, there’s a simple and easy way you can hack your sugar cravings to keep them under control during the holidays. And even better, you’ll be able to improve your blood sugar levels at the same time by including a simple herb known as Gymnema.

Not only does it change the way your taste buds perceive the chemical structure of sugar, but it actually changes the way your brain perceives the taste. And the result? That sweet deliciousness you thought you were going to enjoy now tastes flat, unappealing, and a little like cardboard. I know… not what you were expecting to hear, but it really works! 

Known as gurmar in Hindi, which means ‘sugar destroyer,’ Gymnema contains a particular group of compounds known as gymnemic acids. These unique molecules are not only responsible for their sweet-abolishing properties, but also contribute to its extremely positive effect on diabetes. Just a quick taste of a Gymnema tablet or liquid will make a believer out of you! It has a remarkable ability to anesthetize sweet taste buds, making sugar undetectable by the brain which is pretty remarkable!

Understandably, companies in Japan sell Gymnema as a weight loss supplement. Thought to work by reducing glucose absorption in the intestinal tract, it also decreases sugar cravings, making it doubly effective for weight loss. And when combined with milk thistle, ginseng, and golden seal, Gymnema can help improve insulin resistance and other blood sugar dysregulations.

Another super cool feature of Gymnema is its effect on acne. Many cases of acne can be hormone-related, but may also occur due to an imbalance in the way the body manages insulin and regulates blood sugar.

The use of Gymnema can have a positive impact on cholesterol levels due to its ability to sequester cholesterol in the digestive tract, reducing absorption. And there is a clear correlation between excess sugar intake and elevated cholesterol, so it’s a win-win!

Ronda Nelson

Ronda L. Nelson, PhD, MH is a holistic nutritionist and master herbalist who helps support and restore optimal health for those who are looking for alternative options with regard to their overall health and well-being.

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